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Experts in white collar crime

Whether you are a foreign legal practice looking for evidence gathering under mutual legal assistance, or a domestic Swiss company concerned about cyber crime, regulatory breaches or internal fraud, our expert team can help.

Our White Collar Crime practice has deep experience in criminal and civil fraud. We can help you to fight specific cases and provide timely advice on how to avoid problems arising from changing corporate governance, regulatory or tax requirements. As experts, we have close contacts with Swiss prosecutors, and can advise you on the changing nature of interpretations and precedents.

Supporting international clients within transnational investigations

We specialise in helping international clients to recover misappropriated funds and assets located in Switzerland, including court orders for the provision of bank records, the search of premises and the freezing of assets – in both directions. We can also advise clients confronted with attachments and/or disclosure orders in multi-jurisdictional criminal investigations.

Expert advice on cyber crime, corruption and employee fraud

We work with Swiss and international corporates to advise on all aspects of cyber crime, corruption, bribery and fraud, working with experts from our corporate practice and other business areas where appropriate.

Our aim is always to provide swift insightful advice to help you manage each incident and protect your reputation, whilst achieving the best outcome at every stage.

Our white collar crime legal services include:

  • Criminal and civil fraud (including employee fraud): Prosecuting or defending individuals and companies with its management against criminal proceedings including dawn raids, search and seizure and attachments of assets, cyber crime defence.
  • Administrative criminal law and financial regulatory matters: covering customs, pharmaceutical, health care etc., tax investigations and prosecutions and international corporate law.
  • Mutual legal assistance in criminal matters: related to gathering evidence in Switzerland from abroad (Swiss blocking statutes), asset recovery – restraints and confiscations as well as freezing orders in a transnational context.

“From hidden or blocked assets to cyber crime and employee fraud, we are experts at helping our clients to get positive outcomes with minimal reputational damage.”

Team Members

Thomas Weibel

Thomas Weibel

Attorney at Law

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