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We understand the industry. Understanding the client requires more than just analyzing the legal issues. Clients in the life sciences field share a number of challenges not routinely encountered in other industries: long product development cycles, equity based financing, complex intellectual property issues, strategic alliances or partnering, and a fast changing regulatory environment. Our life sciences team has extensive experience and a solid understanding of the issues affecting the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices, food, near-food and related industries.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." We focus on creating a sound legal and regulatory foundation for your company. By working with you on a long term basis, we ensure that legal pitfalls are prevented and that evolving legal needs are identified and addressed in time. Understanding, counselling, implementing and reviewing – each step is designed to support you.

From start-up to maturity. Our specialized attorneys advise companies in all stages of development including start-ups, VC financed development stage companies, and publicly traded industry leaders. Knowing the demands of industry partners, the regulators and the capital markets is essential for putting projects and companies on the right track, from the very beginning.

Protect your key assets. Patents and know-how represent your key assets. Our focus is the protection of your intellectual property rights by securing inventors' rights; assisting in setting an information policy; and designing the relevant clauses in employment, consulting, supply, manufacturing, clinical trials, partnering and financing agreements.

Incentivize your team. Our tax team, using our corporate and labor expertise, has helped to find solutions to incentivize employees in many companies. We have drafted and implemented a large number of stock option and share plans, and advised on tax structuring and corresponding rulings with various cantonal tax authorities.

Contracts – Procedures – Litigation. Our services cover the concept, design, and preparation of sector-specific contracts for the development, manufacture, commercialization and distribution of drugs and medical devices. We assist in administrative procedures before regulatory authorities or the admission board of the stock exchange. We represent your company in legal disputes and administrative inquiries.

We consider it vital to be involved in the law-making. We have been actively involved in the Swiss legislation process on the amendments of the Swiss Therapeutic Products Act (Heilmittelgesetz), the Swiss Transplantation Act (Transplantationsgesetz), the Swiss Act on Genetically Modified Organisms (Gentechnikgesetz), the Swiss Patent Act (Patentgesetz) and the Tobacco Products Act (Tabakproduktegesetz).