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You should be about to acquire, or have recently acquired, a bachelor’s degree and be interested in obtaining profound insight into lawyers’ various fields of activity in an internationally active commercial law firm. 
For law faculty students who can demonstrate very good academic performance, we offer short 8-week internships all year round. As these coveted positions, especially in summer, are often filled long in advance, it is advisable to apply early. 


You should have completed your studies with above-average grades and now want to start your professional career in a manner that meets your high standards. You should be looking for a law firm that gives you optimal preparation for working life and the necessary tools of the lawyer’s trade, so that you are optimally equipped to take the bar examination.
We offer substitute internships and voluntary positions for law faculty graduates who have very good university degrees and distinguish themselves with a high level of social competence, a willingness to commit and a strong sense of responsibility. As these coveted positions are often filled up to 1.5 years in advance, it is advisable to apply early.

Internship procedure

You will be actively involved in the processing of our mandates. In addition, you will be offered the opportunity to participate in the diverse advanced training events organized by our specialist groups and practical teams, as well as to attend specific training events. During your internship, you will regularly receive feedback on your work and an extensive network of experienced lawyers will be at your side. For the entirety of the internship, a coach will support you with advice and assistance on all issues that arise. 

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