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Keeping up with employment law

The changing nature of how, when and where we work, the ramifications of restructuring and the rising inclination of employees to pursue legal claims are just a few of the significant issues we deal with for clients, big and small.

Our Employment Law team keeps ahead of the changing legal environment, so that you don't have to. Rulings affecting the gig economy, social media and staff leasing contracts are all examples of how employment law advice evolves, almost day by day. 

Quality advice with real-word pragmatism 

We bring you the knowledge and expertise of an employment law boutique, combined with the agility and service level of a large business law firm. 

We represent clients from a broad range of sectors that include financial services, life sciences and staffing.  Each of our team members specialises in additional relevant law areas, such as litigation, M&A, Corporate, IP and tax, so that you can benefit from clear, well-considered advice from a single point of contact.

Above all we strive to deliver quality support with real-world pragmatism; excellent service with the punch you need when it comes to employment litigation. 

Our employment law services include:

  • Day-to-day support: covering incidents as they arise, contracts and policies, new terms, work permits, tax, social security and privacy matters
  • Key transition periods: helping you to manage restructuring, business transfers and mass redundancy programmes etc.
  • Modern employment: including staff leasing, gig economy and flexible employment arrangements 
  • Negotiation and litigation: focusing on pragmatic solutions, but always primed to robustly represent your case in court

“We offer the expertise of an employment law boutique with the service level of a large business law firm."

Marc Ph. Prinz, Head Employment Law

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