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Data has become a premier resource for businesses in an increasing number of industries. Online platforms have always relied on data as their key asset to generate revenues. In the wake of digital transformation, companies in traditional and highly regulated markets such as finance, health care and energy rely on the analysis and use of data to offer or provide and improve their products and services.

At the same time, employees and customers are increasingly concerned about their privacy in a digital economy. These concerns have triggered legislative initiatives around the world. It has become a major challenge for businesses to comply with data and privacy laws, while maintaining their competitive edge.

The VISCHER Data & Privacy Group can help you to develop legally robust new products and services based on the data you collect, and advise you on how to meet the ever-higher standards expected by your customers, clients or consumers.

Integrating best practice from the start

We can bring our experience to help you to collect, store and analyze data while complying with with data protection laws in Switzerland and abroad (including cross-border GDPR compliance). By working with you from the start of a transformation or product development project, we can make sure data and privacy is at the heart of what you do, enhancing trust with your customer or patient base.

The members of our Data & Privacy Group have particular expertise in advising communication, media and information technology companies,. We have a track record in regulated markets such as banking and finance, health care, energy, life sciences, telecoms and aviation, helping clients to meet privacy requirements with pragmatic and timely legal advice.

Our data and privacy law services include:

  • Access to data
  • Compliance programs, workshops, public speaking and training
  • Cloud computing
  • Online platforms
  • Targeted advertising and offers, personalized offers and pricing
  • Outsourcing
  • Cross-border data transfers
  • Regulated markets
  • Data law due diligence
  • Litigation and litigation-related advice
  • Lobbying and involvement in law-making
  • Regulatory investigations
  • Supporting for IT, product development, marketing, customer service and compliance teams

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