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Attachment - Strategy before a Trial

A debtor's assets (bank deposits, claims, property, etc.) can be frozen by a court in an attachment before (or after) a lawsuit is initiated before a state court or an arbitral tribunal in Switzerland or abroad. An attachment gives the creditor a strong negotiating position to avoid protracted litigation and should be included in every creditor's strategy discussions.

Attachment is based either on an enforceable domestic or foreign judgment or on specific constellations (fraud, foreign debtors, etc.).

Asset Protection – Strategy before a Trial

The VISCHER litigation team also advises debtors who fear that their assets might be frozen in Switzerland. This includes comprehensive clarification as to when this could happen and how to defend against it, e.g. by filing a protective brief.

The VISCHER litigation team maintains the comprehensive know-how website, which is unique in Switzerland. 

Our dispute resolution services include:

"freeze assets before yours get frozen"