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Experts in international judicial assistance

Procuring documentary evidence, examining witness, or freezing assets in Switzerland to assist foreign proceedings can be a complex process. Equally, it can be burdensome to defend against such requests.

Our experienced International Judicial Assistance team can help you in all aspects of mutual legal assistance, in both civil and criminal matters.

We can help our clients, directly or Working with foreign law firms, to navigate the requirements of the relevant Swiss legal and regulatory frameworks, and build a team of experts to deal with your specific challenge.

Our international judicial assistance services include:

  • Protection of your interests and legal representation in all international judicial assistance proceedings
  • Drafting of requests for international judicial assistance in civil matters enforceable in Switzerland
  • Support with the collection of evidence and the service of court documents in civil matters
  • Defending against foreign requests for the collection of documents in civil and criminal matters (including the sealing and unsealing of seized documents)
  • Representation (defense and enforcement) in proceedings on the freezing of assets in Switzerland for the purposes of foreign civil or criminal proceedings.

“We work with international law firms and direct with clients to assist in all aspects of civil and criminal international judicial assistance.”

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