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Expert restructuring and insolvency advice

Whether your organisation is a creditor or a debtor, timely, expert advice can be crucial in securing the best possible outcome in any kind of financial crisis.

Vischer's Restructuring and Insolvency team has a wealth of experience in supporting cross-border and domestic creditor and debtor legal challenges. Building a team of relevant specialists from across our practice areas, our strength is in working fast, under pressure, to find creative, workable solutions for you. 

Helping creditors to get the best possible deal

We are experts in helping foreign law firms to gain recognition of foreign insolvencies in the Swiss Courts. We regularly work with creditors to extract funds they are owed from failing companies before it’s too late.  We can freeze debtor assets or file enforcements on behalf of creditors and we have an excellent track record in finding funds obscured by complex arrangements.

Restructuring solutions for companies in difficulty

On the debtor side, we work with firms to find solutions to debt crises, helping to avoid insolvency where practical. We provide advice on helping board members to avoid personal liability and can work to help you protect specific interests during insolvency proceedings.

Our restructuring and insolvency legal services include:

  • Advising corporate bodies on corporate and white collar law
  • Advising organisations in crisis
  • Bankruptcy related litigation
  • Corporate finance
  • Freezing debtor assets and filing creditor enforcements 
  • Labour law in restructuring and insolvency
  • Representation of creditors before and during insolvency
  • Serving in various roles:
    • as a member of a creditors' committee
    • as liquidator/office holder in voluntary liquidations or in insolvency proceedings
  • Successful restructuring.

"The earlier you involve our experienced team, the better chance we have of helping you to achieve your goals.”

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