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14 September 2021

Internal Investigations in sensitive industry sectors are particularly challenging. The requirements in terms of confidentiality, that are always high, are even higher. This, in turn, calls for special safeguards in terms of team organisation, communication, data hosting for the e-discovery process, interviews with employees, etc. At the same time, it is key to be able to make clear statements - whether in positive or negative form - since clients need to account to their principals (such as the public authorities). VISCHER recently successfully completed two extensive internal investigations under such difficult circumstances, where irregularities in the supply chain needed to be analysed.

The VISCHER team was led by Thomas Weibel and encompassed, in particular, Nicole Brauchli, Aline Mata, Dorothée Krapf, Prabhjot Singh (all Dispute Resolution), Adrian Briner (Tax) as well as many others.