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Strategic Litigation – Beyond Good Court Submissions

If you face a commercial dispute before Swiss State Courts, you want straight-talking, pragmatic advice from day one. We identify the strengths and weaknesses of your position and support you in reaching your goals in the best possible way. We are great believers in strategic litigation and always on the lookout for levers to move the case in your favour, e.g., by choosing the venue or resorting to injunctive relief.

You will find that we offer straightforward advice, even in complex cases. We do not shy away from taking responsibility and making clear recommendations. We are constantly thinking ahead strategically, with a view to later enforcement.

A sizeable team of dedicated litigators

Our experienced Dispute Resolution team of dedicated litigators represents clients from all sectors in complex national and transnational commercial litigation cases before State Courts. Our sizeable team is able to handle big tickets on short notice. We act in numerous languages. 

Our clients describe us as reliable, trustworthy, highly skilled, proactive, and dynamic. We are passionate about quality and fully independent. 

Our dispute resolution services include:

“We strive for excellence and we love winning. With you – for you."