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Our lawyers, tax experts and notaries are organized under the direction of experienced partners in practice teams, covering all areas of commercial law. Our breadth of practice ensures we have the right team available for every mandate and client. Our offices can be found in Zurich and Basel, the two largest business centers of Switzerland.



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Construction and Real Estate Law: On solid ground

Construction and real estate is a very broad field and requires expertise in many areas: with our team of lawyers, notaries and tax advisers, we are in a position to competently and efficiently advise and represent our clients across the spectrum, as evidenced by these current contributions from members of our construction and real estate team. We would be pleased to support you in this area and assist you in finding solutions tailor-made to meet your needs.

Swiss Real Estate for Chinese Investors
The acquisition of Swiss real estate by foreign investors has been regulated for many decades. We have summarized the current regulations for Chinese investors. This summary is also relevant for non-EU Investors.

Handbook on Environmental Law, General Principles (DE)
Issues of pollution control, implementation of an EIA, interpretation of the "polluter pays principle" in decrees on costs, appeals against decrees with legal environmental obligations – these, and more, are set out in this textbook on environmental law, with references to judgments of the Federal Supreme Court and cantonal courts.

Taxation of planning gain on land parcels
If, due to the need for more residential property, land is re-zoned as developable, this leads to a planning gain without any intervention on the part of the landowner. This gain is going to be taxed by the cantons, at the latest from the year 2019 onwards.

Digital Business Law Bites

Series Digital Business Law Bites

Over the last 25 years, digitalization has captured all business sectors and in some cases  turned them upside down.

With the "Digital Business Law Bites" series, we give a small insight into our abundant experience and client projects in the field of digital business processes.

Hilfe, meine Daten!

Für viele Unternehmen ist die Auslagerung des Daten-Hostings an einen externen Hosting-Anbieter aus Sicherheits- und...

Die Bedeutung von Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen ("AGB") hat insbesondere im eCommerce in den letzten Jahren stark zugenommen. Werden die von Gesetz...


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