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Uberisation of the labour market?

There is a great need for flexibility on the labour market – often short-term work capacity needs to be procured without a classical employment relationship. New service providers are created, who are available on a leased basis and or as "freelancers" on a temporary basis and independent of location – and then disappear after completion of the project.
Our employment law experts will be glad to help you find tailor-made solutions for your needs.

"Fictitious Self Employment"
The crux with the supposedly independent service providers
Supposedly self-employed service providers (e.g., for example freelancers, (sub-) entrepreneurs) are often so-called "fictitiously self-employed persons". When is there fictitious self-employment and what are the legal consequences?

Staff Leasing – Flexible Workforce
Flexibility in the labour market, especially in staff leasing, carries risks. This has been recognized by the legislature, which has adopted stringent rules for the protection of employees and made staff leasing subject to a license requirement.

Home-Office for Cross-border Commuters – a Minefield
If alternative forms of employment are offered in a cross-border context, this can lead to unforeseen legal consequences. For example, if a cross-border worker works from home in his home country for more than one day a week, there are important aspects regarding tax and social security issues to be considered.

Cross-Border Employee Leasing
The commercial leasing of personnel by the employer (leasing firm) to a third party (client business) requires a licence. For cross-border employee leasing the employer must even obtain a federal licence from the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). Prohibited in principle is the (direct or indirect) employee leasing from abroad into Switzerland.

Digital Business Law Bites

Series Digital Business Law Bites

Over the last 25 years, digitalization has captured all business sectors and in some cases  turned them upside down.

With the "Digital Business Law Bites" series, we give a small insight into our abundant experience and client projects in the field of digital business processes.

Hilfe, meine Daten!

Für viele Unternehmen ist die Auslagerung des Daten-Hostings an einen externen Hosting-Anbieter aus Sicherheits- und...

Die Bedeutung von Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen ("AGB") hat insbesondere im eCommerce in den letzten Jahren stark zugenommen. Werden die von Gesetz...



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Hilfe, meine Daten!

Für viele Unternehmen ist die Auslagerung des Daten-Hostings an einen externen Hosting-Anbieter aus Sicherheits- und...


Die Schweiz und die EU anerkennen heute ihre Datenschutzgesetze gegenseitig als gleichwertig. simsa vertritt die Meinung, dass eine Teilrevision des...


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