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Digitisation and Bankruptcy

Digitisation is a driver of transformation in many industries. As business models are collapsing, new development opportunities are being created. The increasing digitisation also imposes new demands on securing claims and assets in the event of a bankruptcy of a business partner. We will support you in finding appropriate solutions.

Bankruptcy proceedings have been opened against my contractual partner – what does that mean for me?
If bankruptcy proceedings are opened against a natural or legal person, all the pledgeable assets form the bankruptcy estate, and the bankrupt loses the power of disposal. What consequences does the opening of bankruptcy proceedings have for the contractual parties?

Digital data in bankruptcy proceedings
For many companies, the outsourcing of data hosting to an external hosting provider is attractive for security and cost reasons. Before sensitive or valuable data is managed externally, however, the management should consider a possible bankruptcy of the hosting provider.

Does Digitisation Lead to Fewer Bankruptcies?
Due to the increasing competition by online shops, the digital revolution has often been associated with an increase in bankruptcies. However, digitisation can also help reduce the risk of insolvency and thus the number of bankruptcies.

Do you still need source code escrow agreements when using Open Source Software? (DE)
Open Source stands for source code that anyone can access and modify. There are hurdles, however, to access all parts of the source code. Better be safe than sorry when it comes to bankruptcy.


On 3 July 2017, the participants of the batch II of the F10 Fintech Incubator & Accelerator program have presented their startup ideas (


We are delighted to announce the launch of the VISCHER Startup Desk. VISCHER pools the specific expertise of different practice team members within...


At the delegates assembly of June 16, 2017, VISCHER partner Urs Haegi has been elect chairman of the Swiss Bar Association. Urs Haegi will assume this...


The new and fully revised Federal Act on Foodstuffs and Utility Articles (Foodstuffs Act [FSA]; SR 817.0), including a large range of new ordinances,...



Capital Markets

Steht eine digitale Revolution im Finanzsektor bevor? Immer häufiger hört man Ausdrücke wie FinTech, InsurTech und RegTech. Auch der Bundesrat und das...


Der Bundesrat hat per 1. August 2017 neue Fintech-Regeln in Kraft gesetzt. Dies ist ein wichtiger Schritt. Aber sind damit alle Probleme gelöst?


By the beginning of 2018, the EU countries have to implement the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD 2). The aim of PSD 2 is to make electronic payment...


Insolvency Law

The Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Act (DEBA) regulates the procedure by which a person in Switzerland is able to recover money from his/her debtors...


At the IBA Litigation Conference in Zurich at the beginning of this month, one session was dedicated to the impact of Brexit to the statutory...


The two Swiss major banks have changed their legal structure. Towards the end of 2016, Credit Suisse launched its new subsidiary Credit Suisse...



The SVP and the association "Action for an Independent and Neutral Switzerland" (AINS) are far from being comfortable with the freedom of movement of...


The question of whether a Schengen visa is sufficient for third-country nationals in Switzerland for a brief business stay or whether a special permit...


Mietwohnungen in der Stadt Zürich sind sehr begehrt. Entsprechend wird es immer schwieriger, zahlbaren Wohnraum zu finden. Experten sprechen vom...


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