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Our lawyers, tax experts and notaries are organized under the direction of experienced partners in practice teams, covering all areas of commercial law. Our breadth of practice ensures we have the right team available for every mandate and client. Our offices can be found in Zurich and Basel, the two largest business centers of Switzerland.

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The Future of Financial Market Regulation

The only constant in financial market regulation is change. Market participants are facing new challenges, but new opportunities are also opening up. We help you now to prepare for the future.

FFSA and FAFI on the long home straight
The new laws FFSA and FAFI are in their final phase and are expected to come into force on 1 July 2018. But there are still open issues.

The new FinTech-License
One important element of the new regulation is the FinTech-License. But what is it all about? Will the Swiss financial center be strengthened as a FinTech location?

The prospectus requirement of the future: stricter, but with more exceptions
The FinSA is taking shape. Which forthcoming requirements for prospectuses have already been set out? What kind of exceptions from the prospectus requirement are to be expected?


Capital Markets

Whenever shares or bonds are offered publicly or listed on the stock exchange a prospectus must be drawn up. This principle known as the prospectus...


Swiss banks and securities dealers (hereinafter together the "banks") must make sure that the counterparties of certain contracts contractually...


The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA has revised the disclosure obligation for third parties who are authorised to exercise voting...


Insolvency Law

At the IBA Litigation Conference in Zurich at the beginning of this month, one session was dedicated to the impact of Brexit to the statutory...


The two Swiss major banks have changed their legal structure. Towards the end of 2016, Credit Suisse launched its new subsidiary Credit Suisse...


For many companies, the outsourcing of data hosting to an external hosting provider is attractive for security and cost reasons. Before sensitive or...



The SVP and the association "Action for an Independent and Neutral Switzerland" (AINS) are far from being comfortable with the freedom of movement of...


The question of whether a Schengen visa is sufficient for third-country nationals in Switzerland for a brief business stay or whether a special permit...


Mietwohnungen in der Stadt Zürich sind sehr begehrt. Entsprechend wird es immer schwieriger, zahlbaren Wohnraum zu finden. Experten sprechen vom...


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