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2. März 2021

VISCHER is pleased to continue its support of the "Independent Evaluation Framework for Security Token" research project co-funded by Innosuisse, the Swiss Agency for Innovation Promotion.

The project aims to develop a market-recognized standardization and certification for security tokens, which is particularly important in light of the newly introduced DLT legislation.

The research partner, the University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland, has published a series of articles that guide investors, issuers, experts and interested parties alike through the different phases of a Security Token offering.

Part 1 of the article series will present the key benefits of tokenization, while Part 2 will cover the various aspects of the offering process. A third part will highlight the aspect of interoperability between different ecosystems.

Part 1
Part 2

More information (German only)

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Autoren: Jana Essebier, Peter Kühn, Ria Gurtner

Kategorien: Banken- und Finanzmarktrecht, Neuigkeiten