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13. Februar 2020

The International Comparative Legal Guide to Aviation Law 2020

The VISCHER Aviation/Transport team advises and represents airlines and associated companies. The team has been the expert in this field for many years.
The team members regularly advise on questions at a cantonal and federal level, handle damage and insurance cases of all types, and assist in contract negotiations with travel offices, air-traffic authorities, and airport operators. In addition, they advise on leasing, buying, and selling aircraft, and they have a wealth of experience in aircraft completion and all types of aviation-related dispute resolution.
Read more in the article by Urs Haegi and Thomas Weibel in the International Comparative Legal Guide, Aviation Law 2020, chapter Switzerland.

Kategorien: Transport/Luftfahrt, Prozessführung und Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit, Neuigkeiten


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