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3. Juni 2020

Webinar on Thursday, June 4, 2020, 12:15 pm - 01:15 pm

An expert panel including representatives from the BLKB Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank and the VISCHER Startup Desk in Basel and Geneva will guide you through the relevant rules and share their experience with a particular focus on the cantons of Geneva, Vaud, Basel-City and Basel-Country.
The  topics of the webinar include:

  • What are the general requirements to obtain a startup loan (content and documentation)?
  • Which restrictions are attached to the loans?
  • Are there specific cantonal requirements and cantonal processes? What is the timing?
  • What are the experiences of the first mover cantons Geneva and Vaud?
  • What are the experiences of the cantonal banks related to COVID 19 loans?
  • Will the funds be sufficient?
  • Are there any pitfalls and risks to be avoided / mitigated?



Kategorien: Startup Desk, Neuigkeiten