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1. November 2021

On November 1, 2021, the Chinese Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) entered into force, introducing new rules for the cross-border transfer of personal information. Data transfer abroad is strictly regulated under the GDPR and the Swiss Data Protection Act.

Our legal experts David Rosenthal and Yao Qinqin show how to overcome the hurdles under the Chinese, EU and Swiss data protection laws when you wish to transfer data abroad. Our guest speakers Antonello Argenziano and Boudewijn Korten from the globally active Intertrust Group explain how Intertrust handled data privacy and data transfer considerations when developing an end-to-end ESG service offering. Lukas Zuest, head of our China desk, moderates the Webinar.

Data Transfers to China: How to comply with European Data Protection Law 

Both the GDPR and the Swiss Data Protection Act have high hurdles for those who wish to transfer personal data to countries without what Europe considers “adequate” data protection. The US is one such country, but so is China. David Rosenthal discusses how to practically deal with these requirements for data transfers to China, and he presents an internationally recognized tool we have developed for this purpose.

Transfer of personal information from China under the new PIPL

The Chinese Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) came into force on 1 November 2021 and introduced a new general framework for cross-border transfer of personal information. Yao Qinqin introduces you the relevant rules stated in the PIPL and share compliance recommendations from a Chinese law perspective.

Guest case study: Data privacy and data transfer considerations in the context of end-to-end ESG product / service development 

Intertrust Group, a global trust and corporate services provider and fund administrator, recently developed a proprietary end-to-end ESG service offering.

Our guest speaker Antonello Argenziano, product director at Intertrust group, talks about the data privacy and data transfer considerations impacting Intertrust's service development. He highlights the various workflows in Intertrust's service offering that include transfer of data, and how Intertrust is handling this in a secure and compliant manner. Antonello is interviewed by Boudewijn Korten, commercial director at Intertrust Group.

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