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10. Februar 2021

Altorfer, Michael / Hess, Samuel / Kohlermann, Felix / Staehelin, Matthias / Lecaudé, Stéphanie / Hausammann, René, Innosuisse & Basel-Stadt present new funding schemes stimulating science-based innovation mitigating the impact of Covid-19, Webinar, February 3, 2021


  • Welcome
  • Impact of Covid pandemic on Swiss biotech companies
    Michael Altorfer, CEO, Swiss Biotech Association
  • Basel-Stadt subordinated loan guarantee program:
    • Purpose, objectives, and design
      Samuel Hess, Department of Economic, Social and Environmental Affairs, Basel-Stadt
    • Target companies and application process
      Felix Kohlermann, Department of Economic, Social and Environmental Affairs, Basel-Stadt
    • Legal aspects (loan & warrant agreements)
      Matthias Staehelin, President BioValley, VISCHER Anwälte
  • Federal innovation impulse program “Swiss Innovation Power”
    Stéphanie Lecaudé, Scientific Officer Life Sciences, Innosuisse
  • Value of Basel-Stadt and Innosuisse innovation programs from the perspective of other regions
    René Hausammann, President,


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