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The enforcement of judgments rendered by domestic and foreign courts and arbitration tribunals, and in particular the right of attachment, are a core competence of VISCHER’s Dispute Resolution Team. On our online platform we provide an expert forum for current issues of attachment law.

Capital Markets

Hardly any other area of law is as diverse and challenging as the financial market law. Whether it is the consequences of the financial crisis, the tax dispute, the annulment of the banking secrecy, FinTech, negative interest rates, economic developments or capital market developments, all of these issues have an impact on the financial markets and therefore on their regulation. The blog of our Banking and Finance practice group addresses and comments on the current developments in the financial market and the financial market regulation.


The area Business-Immigration is dynamic and subject to constant and rapid change. Our Immigration team addresses current issues in their blog

Labor and company law competition restrictions

The enforcement of labor and company law competition restrictions forms part of the core competence of VISCHER’s Dispute Resolution Team. On our online platform we provide an expert forum for current issues of restrictions to compete.

Restructuring and Insolvency

In financially critical situations, the coordinated collaboration of specialists from a variety of areas of expertise is indispensable. VISCHER's restructuring and insolvency practice group has the necessary specialist knowledge and experience, and prides itself on efficiently providing the best customized solutions for its clients in times of economic crisis. The blog of our restructuring and insolvency team addresses and comments on the current issues and developments in the field of insolvency law.

State Regulation

State regulation of various sectors of the economy is growing steadily. For entrepreneurs, it is becoming increasingly important, not only to know the applicable laws, but also to know what new rules await us in the near future and beyond. In his blog Prof. Dr. Peter Hettich discusses current developments. Get the latest information and join the discussion!

Information for HR specialists

HR professionals are confronted on a daily basis with a variety of legal issues and a constantly changing legal framework.
Whether it concerns applications for work and residence permits, the creation of employment contracts and regulations, occupational pensions or tax advice with respect to withholding taxes, employee stock ownership plans or personnel restructuring. Our specialized teams are here to help in all areas of labour, social security, tax, and immigration law.
Further information and topics can be found on our page "Information for HR specialists" or on our blog

Blogs and special topics

Our specialists blog and websites on selected topics will keep you informed of the latest developments and discussions.

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Here you will find the frequent news alerts in the fields tax, litigation and arbitration, public sector and regulatory, corporate and commercial law and intellectual property law.

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