Corporate and Commercial

We meet all the various needs of businessmen and women and companies – in terms of company formation or restructuring, legal questions concerning corporate control and management, the drafting and negotiation of complex agreements, and legal support for projects.

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Due to its size and extensive practical experience our team can provide comprehensive timely advice to clients in company law, mercantile law and contract law. The team has special knowledge in the areas of industry, life science, transport/aviation, commerce, real estate, private clients and health care.

Our activities extend to:

Company law (“From the cradle to the grave”):

  • Formation and dissolution of companies, foundations, subsidiaries etc.
  • Ongoing matters such as basic documentation for boards of directors, general meetings etc. (minutes, bylaws, articles of association, intra-group agreements; everything in German, English and French), shareholders’ agreements
  • Corporate governance, compliance, employment law
  • Cash pooling
  • Restructurings (mergers, demergers, asset transfers, transformations, transfers of registered office within Switzerland and abroad etc.) and capital increases
  • Activity in and advice of executive management and administrative bodies (board of directors, board of foundation etc.)
  • Notarial services in these areas

Complex agreements/projects

  • Sales agreements, successive supply agreements
  • Procurement agreements
  • Distribution agreements, specialist retailer agreements, agency agreements, franchise agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Production agreements, contract manufacturing agreements, quality assurance agreements
  • Work contracts
  • Works and materials supply contracts
  • Development and maintenance agreements, research collaboration agreements
  • Commercial rent
  • Maintenance and repair
  • General and total contractor agreements
  • Project development agreements (real estate)
  • Joint Ventures
  • Service agreements

Business owners and their companies

We advise owners of companies in their relevant legal areas. This advice includes:

  • Structural optimisation (together with tax team)
  • Management (employment contracts, equity participation models etc.)
  • Succession planning and succession arrangements (including inheritance and matrimonial property planning, execution of wills etc.)
  • Personal legal issues of business owners and their assets
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We are used to providing fast, efficient legal advice that is appropriate to the particular situation on a daily basis for companies and their business ventures. In doing so we set great store on knowing and understanding the sector in which our clients are involved. Only in that way can legal advice benefit the company and the business person.

Our team is part of one of the largest business law firms in Switzerland. This means that the right specialists can be involved at any time as necessary. This enables us to provide comprehensive advice at any time on both legal and tax issues. In addition, we can also provide notarial services in this area through our notaries.


Blogs and special topics

Our specialists blog and websites on selected topics will keep you informed of the latest developments and discussions.

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