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We advise our clients on all compliance issues, i.e., complying with the standards of good and responsible corporate governance. We support the management bodies in their central task of preventing the violation of rules and laws and responding quickly, consistently, and correctly in the event of an incident.

Together with our clients, we develop a company-specific conceptual and organizational foundation for good compliance. This includes the formulation of internal procedures and rules of conduct on issues such as money laundering, corruption, insider trading, whistleblower programs, etc. We provide company employees with tailor-made training courses.


We advise our clients on specific incidents and are available when needed for the implementation of internal corporate investigations. We also represent our clients against regulatory and enforcement authorities.

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The industries and areas of law in which compliance plays an important role are diverse: the essential nature of compliance in the financial market and the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries is well-known but, for example, the energy sector, the transport and logistics industry, and the real estate industry are equally affected by increasing regulatory requirements. Certain areas of law such as competition law, anti-corruption law, money laundering laws, data protection law, and tax law also affect almost all industries.


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Selected recent transactions:

  • representing and advising a hedge fund in an enquiry into a suspected breach of the stock exchange mandatory reporting requirements
  • creating internal guidelines on anti-corruption, whistleblowing, and prevention of money laundering for an airline
  • advising banks on decisions by the authorities concerning release of customer information
  • Independent Examiners for several banks in the U.S. program
  • conducting an internal investigation for a multinational pharmaceutical company in relation to compliance with the relevant rules for conducting a clinical trial
  • reporting and recall obligations in connection with quality defects of a pharmaceutical ingredient
  • advising and representing an executive authority which, as an organ of a public institution, was confronted with accountability demands
  • internal investigation and assessment of the insider trading of a member of the management of an international listed company
  • planning, implementation, and continuous improvement of an anti-trust and anti-corruption compliance program in an international company



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