Civil Law Notaries

VISCHER has a highly efficient notarial department with 10 civil law notaries admitted in the canton of Basel-Stadt. At VISCHER clients do not have to wait for notarial services!

Because of its size and considerable practical experience, our team of civil law notaries in Basel can provide clients with comprehensive and prompt advice on company law, property law, matrimonial, inheritance and foundation law and can notarise deeds in Basel-Stadt.

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Another tried and tested service offered by our team is the preparation of notarial deeds for execution in other cantons and coordination with local civil law notaries.

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We have one of the largest teams of civil law notaries in Switzerland. Our team has the advantage of being situated within one of Switzerland’s largest commercial law firms. Our civil law notaries therefore work closely on a day-to-day basis with other specialists within the same office. This means that we can at all times provide comprehensive advice not only on legal and notarial matters but also on tax issues that arise during the course of notarisation transactions.

Due to its size our notarial office is very efficient and has the capacity to deal with urgent matters at short notice. We are also used to providing notarial services as part of more complex processes, such as transactions, property-related projects, estate planning etc.


Companies and foundations

  • Formation of companies and foundations
  • Mergers, transformations, asset transfers (including for transferring companies with their registered office in the BL, SO and SZ cantons), demergers and other procedures in accordance with the Merger Act (national and cross-border)
  • Capital increases, subsequent payments under subscription and capital reductions
  • Dissolution of companies
  • Amendments of Articles of Association
  • Notarised minutes of shareholders’ meetings and board of directors’ meetings

The notaries public in our team are all attorneys at law. In addition to their work as civil law notaries, they are used to advising clients in all major corporate areas and have a wealth of experience gained in transactions. As a result, our civil law notaries are used to providing their corporate law services as part of larger corporate projects, such as transactions and restructurings etc.

  • Real property
  • Transfers of title to real property
  • Preparing amendments to liens on real property
  • Preparing and amending easements (building rights, rights of way, rights of use etc.)


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Our team is highly experienced in the legal handling of complex construction projects. In general, such projects require at an early stage the amendment of the entries in the land register to receive building permits and to provide proper title for the subsequent sales. In close cooperation with architects, developers, planners, surveyors and other project team members, our team develops the required legal concepts (division of lots, building rights, easements, regulations etc.) and provides the relevant legal services for the entries in the land register and the sale of the real estate.

  • Matrimonial and inheritance law
  • Wills
  • Inheritance contracts
  • Marital agreements
  • Other
  • Maritime liens
  • Transcripts of facts
  • Protests of bills of exchange


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