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The China Desk advises our Swiss clients in the areas of direct investments, transactions (mergers & acquisitions) in, and trade with, China. Conversely, it advises our Chinese clients in direct investments, transactions (mergers & acquisitions) in, and trade with, Switzerland.

The China Desk is headed by Counsel Lukas Zuest, a Swiss attorney with a post-graduate education in China who practices in these areas for many years (whereof four and a half years in Shanghai). A further member of the core team is Associate Fiona Gao, a Chinese lawyer who worked for several years in China and thereafter for several years as an in-house legal counsel for a Swiss pharmaceutical company in Basel. Both members of our China Desk core team speak Chinese.

The core team is supported by VISCHER partners with a special affinity for China. As representatives of their practice teams they ensure the various specialist competences in VISCHER's Chinese business. All members of the China Desk are informed by Lukas Zuest on a regular basis about new developments. They maintain a regular exchange of their experience in the China business under the lead of Lukas Zuest.


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