14 October 2020

Is the new Swiss Data Protection Act (DPA) merely a copy of the GDPR? Or will companies that have already implemented the DSGVO have to take further action be-fore the new law comes into force in 2022? David Rosenthal, head of the VISCHER data & privacy team, provided the answers in his webinar which is available here. The bottom line: Organizations that are already fit for the GDPR should not worry too much, but there are still important differences, for example in connection with data protection statements (which need to be revised), data subject access and correction rights, and the new reporting obligations vis-à-vis the Swiss data protection authority. Also, unlike the GDPR, the hefty fines for non-compliance under the DPA are personal, i.e. they aimed at the responsible individuals, not the company.


Categories: Data & Privacy, Media and Entertainment

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