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5 June 2024 Why you should monitor your trademark

Your trademark is registered, correctly labeled and successfully used in the market. But your work does not stop there. Monitoring your trademark is an ongoing process that is essential for the long-term success and security of your trademark value. Here are some reasons why.

1. Protection against trademark infringement

Trademark monitoring helps you to identify potential infringements of your trademark at an early stage. Whether it is a similar newly registered trademark or an existing trademark that is infringing your rights - only by being vigilant you can take timely action. This can range from a simple warning to legal action.

2. Maintain trademark purity

A trademark can become diluted over time if it is used by others without permission or in an unauthorized manner. This can affect the strength and value of your trademark. Regular monitoring will ensure that your trademark is not eroded by unauthorized use.

3. Avoid trademark conflicts

By monitoring the market and new trademark applications, you can identify potential conflicts early and possibly settle them out of court. This helps to avoid lengthy and costly litigation.

4. Keep track of the market

Monitoring your trademark gives you an overview of market developments. You can find out who is registering new or similar trademarks and you can keep an eye on trends and potential competitors. This is also important for the strategic direction of your company.

5. Safeguard the value of your trademark

A well-monitored trademark is a strong trademark. It signals to market participants that you take your rights seriously and are prepared to defend them. This can act as a deterrent to potential trademark infringers and help to maintain and increase the value of your trademark.

In summary, monitoring your trademark is not a luxury, but a necessity to protect your trademark value and identity. Stay vigilant and be proactive.

Our experts at VISCHER have the necessary expertise and experience to monitor your trademark for you in the countries of your choice.

We hope this blog has provided you with some helpful insights and invite you to contact our specialists to clarify your individual questions and successfully establish your brand. Your success is our concern and we are happy to support you along the way.

Authors: Mirjam Frick, Jacqueline Burri, Monika Llanderrozas, Marcia Eigenmann and Ariane Niemeyer