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31 May 2023 Podcast: The essentials of Swiss contract law - Termination for Cause

VISCHER – your podcast for Swiss law and tax

The essentials of Swiss contract law - Episode 5: Termination for Cause

In our blog and podcast series "The essentials of Swiss contract law", Christian Oetiker, Selim Keller and Pascal Burgunder of our Litigation and Arbitration team give a short and compact overview on the essential elements of Swiss contract law.

In the fifth part, Pascal Burgunder, in conversation with Mairi Weder-Gilles, explains how contracts with continuing obligations can be terminated under Swiss law.

To learn more about contractual penalties, also see the our blog post "The essentials of Swiss contract law: Termination for Cause (no. 5)" on this topic.

Authors: Pascal Burgunder, Christian Oetiker, Selim Keller