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3 May 2023

Podcast: The essentials of Swiss contract law - Limitation of Liability

VISCHER – your podcast for Swiss law and tax

The essentials of Swiss contract law - Episode 3: Limitation of Liability

In our blog and podcast series "The essentials of Swiss contract law", Christian Oetiker, Selim Keller and Pascal Burgunder of our Litigation and Arbitration team give a short and compact overview on the essential elements of Swiss contract law.

In the third part, Selim Keller, in conversation with Mairi Weder-Gilles, discusses the concept of limitation of liability in Swiss contract law, which refers to the ability of parties to a contract to limit the amount of damages that can be claimed in the event of a breach of contract. He explains the legal framework and conditions for validly limiting liability, as well as the potential risks and benefits of doing so.

To learn more about the limitation of liability under Swiss Law, also see the third part "The essentials of Swiss contract law: Limitation of Liability (no. 3)" of our blog series on this topic.

Authors: Selim Keller, Pascal Burgunder, Christian Oetiker

Category: Litigation and Arbitration


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