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30 August 2023 Podcast: The essentials of Swiss contract law - General Terms and Conditions

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The essentials of Swiss contract law - Episode 6: Incorporation of General Terms and Condition

In our blog and podcast series "The essentials of Swiss contract law", Christian Oetiker, Selim Keller and Pascal Burgunder of our Litigation and Arbitration team give a short and compact overview on the essential elements of Swiss contract law.

In the sixth part, Selim Keller, in conversation with Mairi Weder-Gilles, explains the importance of validly incorporating general terms and conditions ("GTCs") in contract law, covering requirements, the rule of unusualness, and resolving conflicts in a battle of forms under Swiss Law.

To learn more about contractual penalties, also see the our blog post on this topic.

Authors: Selim Keller, Pascal Burgunder, Christian Oetiker,