The earliest roots of Vischer's continued success story can be found in 1857 at the offices of Lichtenhahn & Heusler, which flourished into Gloor, Schiess & Partner and ultimately, in 1999, into Gloor & Christ. A year later, in order to gain a foothold in Zurich, Gloor & Christ merged with the renowned Zurich law firm of Pestalozzi Haegi & Partner and, from that point on, traded as VISCHER.


Koechlin and Lichtenhahn relocate their offices to the craftsmen` bank on Ecke Freie Strasse / St. Alban-Graben in Basel.


Dr Peter Schmid (1879-1939) opens his own office at Bäumleingasse 22 in Basel in 1908 and, a short time later, forms a partnership with Dr Karl von der Mühll (1879-1936) and Dr Felix Lüssy (1887-1942). This marks the beginnings of Christ, Löw, Brückner & Staehelin. The partnership remains in the offices at Bäumleingasse 22 until the merger which creates Gloor & Christ.


The offices of Schiess Schmid Gloor relocate from the craftsmen bank to Aeschenvorstadt 4, where the VISCHER headquarters in Basel is still located today (although it now also includes the neighbouring property on Elisabethen Strasse).


Dr Christoph M. Pestalozzi establishes his own solicitor’s office in Zurich’s Seefeld in 1987, at the age of 36.


Dr Christoph M. Pestalozzi forms a partnership with Urs Haegi and Dr Susanne Wettenschwiller named Pestalozzi Haegi & Wettenschwiller. Their offices are located in the NZZ Fetz printing company building located at Mühlebachstrasse 54 in Zurich. 


Pestalozzi Haegi & Wettenschwiler becomes Pestalozzi Haegi & Partner. 


The Basel offices of Christ, Löw, Brückner & Staehelin and Gloor, Schiess & Partner merge to become Gloor & Christ. Their increased size and capacity allows the new firm to react quickly to changes in the market, enabling them to take on increasingly complex and  demanding mandates. Pestalozzi Haegi & Partner set up new offices at Arter Strasse 24.


Because of the rapid growth of their national and international business, Gloor & Christ seek to expand further, and recognise the vital importance of establishing their presence in Zurich. Consequently, to remain competitive, the firm initiates negotiations with Pestalozzi Haegi & Partner, which is seeking to create a leading law firm in Zurich. Later that year, the two firms merge to create VISCHER. Dr Rolf Auf der Maur, a proven expert in IP/IT law, joins VISCHER, further strengthening its capacities.


VISCHER moves into new offices in Zurich at Schützengasse 1.


Dr Felix W. Egli joins VISCHER as a partner in Zurich. The Zurich Commentary on Merger Law, edited by Prof. Dr Frank Vischer and VISCHER, is published. The Merger Law is based on a draft by Prof. Dr Frank Vischer. 


Dr Ulrich Vischer, who was a representative of the governing council of Basel-City Canton for twelve years, joins the offices in Basel as a partner. 


Today, a combined number of 80 solicitors and tax experts are employed with VISCHER in Zurich and Basel. The firm has a total number of 190 full-time employees. And yet still the firm's major asset – as it has been for the last 150 years - is the personality of each individual partner. 


The VISCHER lawyer's and notary's office has changed its legal form and has been operating since June 4th, 2009 as a joint stock corporation. Zurich is the registered domicile of the company pursuant to the articles of incorporation. The corporation is now, as before, equally active in the offices in Zurich and Basel. The shareholders in VISCHER Ltd are the partners of the previous lawyer's and notary's office.


Extension of our labour law department with Marc Prinz as the responsible partner


Strengthening of our Chinese business with Lukas Züst as the new Head of the China Desk from 1 November 2016

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